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SOE provide site evaluation, upgrading, and maintenance services for jacking system and locking system
Jack-Up Rig/Barge and Lift Boat Design Analyses
  • Ratings
  • Site Assessment
  • Spudcan Penetration Assessment
  • Stability Analyses
  • Tow Analysis
  • Cantilever Load & Skidding Charts
  • Hold Down Clamp Detailed Analysis
  • Detailed Spudcan/Leg Analysis
  • Interaction between Lower Guides/Wear Plates and Leg
  • Fatigue Analysis and Detailed FEM to Determine SCFs
  • Boat Impact Analysis
  • Punch Through Analysis
  • RPD Analysis vs. Brace Load Analysis
  • Jackup-Wave-Soil Interaction Analysis
  • Engineering for Upgrades and Repair
  • Jackcase Analysis and Design

Jack- up rig-wave- soil interaction

Punch Through during Installation

Bottom Impact


Bottom Impact

Engineering Design

Through intensive research and development, we provide optimum engineering design to our clients with the high performance and the lower cost. It covers the steel structure, offshore and marine equipment and engineering drawings.

  • 3D Modeling
  • FEA analysis
  • Technical evaluation Class verification
  • Class verification

FEA Analysis

Engineering Drawing

Supply of offshore & marine cranes, down hole tools, ESP pumps, coil tube and instruments for oil well

SOE has a wide range of global connections and sources to provide products according to client's requirements

About Us

SOE Ocean Engineering

SOE Ocean Engineering Pte Ltd is an offshore engineering company based in Singapore. Established by a group of engineers with more than 20 years of extensive experience in the offshore and marine industry, we are very confident in providing the best services and solutions to our clients.

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SOE Ocean Engineering
Pte Ltd (SOE Head Office)

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Singapore 627606

Tel: (65) 6862 3885
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Email: info@soe.com.sg

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